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Saturday Pontifications of a Farm Wife

Right now there are farmers all across this country going to bed with so much on their hearts and minds. They're trying to figure out how they can afford seed to put in the ground, and how they're going to afford the fuel to put in the tractor to plant it. They're livestock farmers trying to figure out how to pay their feed bill so they can continue on for another month. All farmers are feeling the pressure to provide for their families and keep the family farm going and that can weigh heavily on a person. Just yesterday, Rick was talking about not growing corn this year. The cost of nitrogen is over $1000/ton. Fertilizer cost has doubled. We “think” we have enough corn from last years crop to last us until next year for pig feed. We cut and bale our own hay, so that saves us for the goats and pigs as well. Farmers are not strangers to hard times. It’s been happening for centuries. Heck! In the past 3 months, we’ve lost market ready hogs and a livestock trailer in an auto accident and just this week, we had a dog attack on our meat bird flock. 💩 happens…..then we deal with it and move on. We will figure out a way.

I’ve seen so many posts and heard so many people talking about the rising cost of groceries. I read an article just this morning that referenced that there hasn’t been a jump in food costs like this since the ‘70’s. Want to know how you can combat this for the good of your wallet and your family?

Y’all know what I’m gonna say because I say it all the time…..SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL FARMS!!!

Within 15 miles of our farm, I can find pork, chicken, beef, lamb, fresh eggs, milk, butter, cheese, fresh vegetables, bread, and countless other things. It’s better for me. The quality is 10x better and I dare say the price is better too. I’d much rather put money in their pockets than a big box stores.

Make the extra effort to support your neighbors. See how your food is raised. Make the connections. I promise it’s worth it. ❤️


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