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Dixie's Ellis Farms

Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

Ellis Farms is member of the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA). All of our does and their offspring are ADGA registered/or able to be upon sale. We breed once per year, typically in October/November for Spring kiddings. 

Ellis Farms Goat Sales Policy

We do not sell single goats to be companions. Goats are herd animals and do better in pairs. We may ask you if you already own goats. While we love our goats and they provide us loads of entertainment, this is also a business and we take our business very seriously. We will NOT sell to anyone who does not seem ready to own goats (and we'll be happy to help get anyone ready who wants to learn).

A non-refundable deposit of half the purchase price will be required to hold a goat that has been listed for sale.

All kids born at Ellis Farms are disbudded (unless polled) and will be given vaccinations - the first being tetanus antitoxin during disbudding and/or wethering. They will also receive their first CD&T vaccination at 4 weeks and then again at 8 weeks. Other vaccinations may be necessary to protect the health of the kids. If the buyer prefers an unvaccinated animal - we will require payment in full at time of reservation/deposit.  This payment will not be refunded for any reason unless we determine that we cannot complete the sale. 

There is no fee required to be put on the reservation list. However, once you decide to buy, the kid will not be held for you if we do not receive a deposit. If for any reason, after the deposit is made, the goat becomes unavailable for reasons determined by Ellis Farms, we will refund the deposit. If the buyer changes their mind, or decides not to complete the sale for any reason, the deposit will NOT be refunded.  All buyers must be over the age of 18 or provide us with written permission from a legal parent or guardian.

As breeder, I retain the right to retain any goat at any time during the sales process. Deposits will be refunded for this reason.

Those with reservations on goats will be notified after the kids are born or the goat becomes available.  The potential buyer will have 24 hours to respond if they want to purchase the kids/goats or not.  If after 24 hours we have not had a response from the potential buyer, the animal will be offered to the next person on the reservation list or posted for sale on the website.  Deposits for goats may be made via debit/credit card or Paypal

Balances due must be paid in full before the goat leaves the farm. Final payments done at the time of pick up must be in cash or debit/credit card. 

We dam raise our goat kids for at least 8 weeks. We will let the buyer know what date the goat of their choosing will be available to pick up. All transport arrangements are the responsibility of the buyer.  Goats left with our farm over 5 days beyond the agreed upon pick up date may be put back on the for sale page and the deposit made by the buyer WILL NOT be refunded.  

Kids will be disbudded, vaccinated, and have ADGA registration applications or completed ADGA registrations when applicable when they leave the farm. I cannot warrant the health status of a goat after it leaves my farm due to unknown conditions and practices at their new homes. I cannot guarantee that goats will be under the Nigerian Dwarf height maximum nor can I guarantee anything that pertains to the successful future breeding, settling, or kidding of goats from our farm. We will NOT allow an unhealthy goat to go to a new home. All animals will be checked (temperature, hoof and teeth condition) prior to leaving for their new home. Vet checks done at the buyer's expense are welcome prior to purchase.  All sales are final.

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